A better future for disadvantaged children in sri lanka


for children in Sri Lanka

Sponsorship or a donation?

Would you like to become a sponsor or do you want to donate for one of our projects? Please use the contact form or email and we will contact you a.s.a.p. Do you not want to commit but want to help via an one-off donation please use these data: Ban account NL12ABNA0403604540 att. Stichting Ya-Luva Sri Lanka. We are accredited by the Dutch Tax Service as Beneficial Organization (ANBI) which makes your doantion tax deductible

Do you have any questions on our projects?

If you have any questions on our projects after visiting our site, please contact us using the contact form or contact our secretary: Tineke van Dijk, Cactusstrat 10, 5721 CE Asten. Phone: 0031(0)646203404. Or send us an email via info@yaluva.nl

Example: Carolus College project

The Carlous College School-bus project has started in the school-year of 2008-2009 by the students Kelly Adams, Karlijn Hoyer and Anne Smeets (6 VWO) after they were in contact with Yaluva. They were supported by Mr. Peter Bruss (tutor economics). The project has become a continuous project of the college. The project is now done by other students and together we try to continue the school-bus project, Since 2009-2010 also Miss. Mariska van den Bosch-Teeuwen (tutor arts) supports the project.

Example: Rattota school

Rattota School (officially R/T/M/Vidiyalayam) is a secondary school in the heart of Sri Lanka, near Kandy. It is a rural mountain area covering a lot of tea plantations. The busroute from Dangkanda covers 10 kilometers enabling a lot of children to attend school because now the do not need to walk the distance. Yaluva support Rattota with the schoobus, meals, computer education and contact with dutch students.

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